Fabio Walker

Fabio started his magical mystery tour as the lead singer in a band called “Reign” in 1999. He took up playing the bass guitar for them in 2002. Fabio hooked up with John Samulski in 2006 and started “Johnny and the Walkers” and 22,387 Rock Juices later, the band keeps on rolling…..

Fabio is obsessed with the Beatles and would like to be Paul McCartney when he grows up.

John Samulski

A founding member of JATW, John (aka “Johnny”) has been with the band since 2006. Previous musical projects spanning back to the early 1990’s include bands The Mohabs (Toronto), Section 69 (Edmonton) and Les MISARabbles (British Columbia) and a CD of all original instrumental music (“Weekend Wires”) which was completed in 2009 and went on to exceed all expectations of commercial success with total sales of ONE copy (seriously).

John is an unrepentant metalhead and has a chronic case of Guitar Acquisition Syndrome.

Steve Watkins

At 16, Steve (aka “Lanny”) first performed in a Rock / R&B / Jazz / Pop / Country / Funk / Folk / Glam project aptly named “Directionless.” In parallel with his weekly therapy sessions, he went on to become a founding member of “Montego Shine” and subsequently joined “Details” in the 80’s. That band imploded on tour, leaving Steve to embark on a solo career in his living room and an ongoing unbalanced relationship with local R&B group “The Benders.” Steve joined JATW in 2011 when no one was paying attention.

Musically, Steve has been inspired by Roy Bittan, Greg Phillinganes, Bruce Hornsby and Paul Rodgers. He likes chocolate sauce on his ice cream.

Beau Henderson

Beau started drumming in the womb, which resulted in a very early delivery. He soon joined his siblings consistently hitting things (and each other) with sticks. When his brothers went on to learn real instruments Beau took up the drums. He went on to form Prog-Rock group “Gemini” and joined  “Details” in the mid 80’s. He has freelanced with numerous bands around Vancouver but now takes the JATW drum stool as his Throne.

Beau calls Gambier Island and Whistler his home, when not at his Lower Mainland estate reading vintage Batman comics.